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Putlam Salt (Pvt) Limited is one of the oldest Salt Companies in the Island with an annual output of more than 25,000 metric tonnes of Cristal Salt which makes it the second biggest manufacturer of Cristal Salt in the land. Its annual turn-over is in the region of Rs. 300 million. Raigam is the biggest private sector shareholder of Putlam Salt Ltd. which accounts for more than 20% of the supply of Salt in Sri Lanka.

Having the largest Iodization Plant in Sri Lanka for Cristal Salt, Putlam Salt (Pvt) Ltd. markets salt in consumer packs under the brand name of Sun Salt. It occupies 720 acres in the heart of "Salt City" in Putlam.Raigam has a special interest in Putlam Salt Limited as the primary supplier of raw material Crystal Salt for the Raigam Salt Refinery in Palaviya and continue to work hand in glove for mutual benefit.